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Social Security Disability Lawyer Orlando FL

Why a Social Security Disability Attorney

You Need An Social Security Disability Lawyer Orlando FL On Your Side!

If you are considering filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, you need an experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer Orlando FL on your side.
What does it mean to have a good lawyer standing beside you?
It means, first and foremost, that you are simply not alone when you draft your application or when you take every step forward after that point.
It means that you don’t have to wonder what that form means. Or what documentation is being requested from you. Or if your doctor did the right test. Or if you should or shouldn’t be working right now.
A Social Security Disability Lawyer in Orlando FL will ensure that you know what to do in your benefits claim process—every step of the way.





Social Security Disability Lawyer Orlando FL

Social Security Disability Lawyer Orlando FL Claims Assistance?

It is possible that your Social Security Disability claim will be successful without the help of an Orlando Lawyer—but the odds are against you. Approximately 63% of all SSD claims are initially rejected. It is the operational policy of the Social Security Administration (SSA) to simply deny the vast majority of disability claims upon first receipt. This means that, without a strategy designed to maximize the odds that your Disability application will fall into the 37% that are not initially denied. How do you maximize those odds? You retain an experienced Orlando, Florida Social Security Disability Lawyer to assist you. We will discuss what an Orlando Disability Lawyer does to help you below, but, first—why are so many initial SSD claims rejected? Initial Social Security Disability claims are largely rejected for avoidable reasons.

Specifically, claims are denied most commonly for the following defects:
Failure to Provide Complete Documentation or Missing Documentation
Failure to Properly Calculate Your Pre-Disability Earnings
Working Too Much/Excess Earnings
Failure to Meet Deadlines
Failure to Comply with Requirements of the Claims Process

All of these problems are entirely avoidable with the right guide for your Social Security Disability claims process. The best strategy for maximizing your odds of Social Security Disability claim success is to retain an Orlando attorney who will ensure that you know exactly what is needed and exactly when it is needed. A missed deadline has tripped up many a Social Security—or any other—legal case. Why roll the dice on the benefits you have earned all of your working life and deserve to receive when they are most needed?


Why Choose a Social Security Disability Lawyer Orlando FL?

Initial Social Security Benefits Application

While the initial SSD application process is fairly straightforward, it is easy to make a simple mistake that can leave your application outside the small percentage of those that are successful. The SSA receives multiple thousands of applications every year. All of these applications must be processed in a timely manner with maximum bureaucratic efficiency. This means that the Agency must make do as best it can with the budget it has been offered by the Federal government. Whenever this is the case, you can be sure that the Agency is looking for reasons “efficiently” sweep each and every application into the low-cost-to-process “rejected” pile. Retaining an Orlando Social Security Lawyer to assist with your application means that your application will not suffer from needless informational omissions, unanswered questions, blank fields, or other “whoops!” moment mistakes. An experienced Florida Disability Attorney will be well-versed in the SSA’s “blue book” catalogue of qualifying medical impairments. Your condition will properly described and associated (if possible) with a listed impairment. Your work history will be properly documented, and your earnings will be fully disclosed. Retaining a professional to file your initial application will always mean that the SSA examiner assigned to your file will have to work harder to find a reason to reject your claim—and, hopefully, will fail.

SSA Documentation Requests

When an SSD application is filed properly, all of the required documentation is included, in the format required. Typically required with an initial SSD application are medical records, work history records, marital information, treatment and surgical history, and a vocational or functional ability assessment. These are familiar concepts and familiar forms for experienced Orlando Social Security Disability Lawyers accustomed to dealing in the language of the SSA and the ins and outs of the administrative claims filing process. An Orlando Social Security Disability Lawyer will ensure that the required documentation is included the first time around. If the SSA wants something more, a legal professional already retained will be in a position when that request comes in to react quickly, assemble and produce the information, and will ensure that no deadline is for turnover is missed. With a lawyer already on hand, you will not need to scurry in a panicked search for help as a deadline approaches. The documentation request will simply be—handled.

Physical Exam Requests

Likewise, an Orlando Social Security Disability Lawyer will review, interpret, and facilitate any post-application request for physical medical examinations or assessments. It is not unusual for the SSA to require some further evidence of the nature and severity of the medical impairment claimed in your application paperwork. This is a frightening prospect for many applicants. However, an empathetic Disability Attorney will take the time to explain the necessity for complying with these intrusive-sounding demands. A good lawyer will ensure that the examinations are conducted properly, professionally, and in accordance with required deadlines. It is important to remember that, although you are entitled to the benefits into which you paid throughout your working life, the SSD application process is still a voluntary procedure through which you are requesting that the US government pay you money. This will not occur without provision of evidence of your condition. A Florida Disability Attorney will clarify and ease this process for you.

SSD Benefits Claim Denial Responses

Even with the assistance of an experienced Orlando Social Security Disability Lawyer (or if you filed without one), your claim can still be rejected on an initial basis. It is important that you not interpret this denial as the Final Word from the SSA. Remember that initial denial is a budget-driven operation strategy on the part of the SSA. If you did not retain a Disability Attorney to file your initial application, receipt of the denial of that application is definitely the time to seek out legal assistance. Although you can certainly attempt to contest a denial without the help of an experienced Florida Disability Attorney, your odds of success will be extremely low. A Social Security Lawyer will review your application for “simple” mistake defects as described above, first and foremost. Your lawyer will then review your paths to overcoming that initial rejection with you in detail.

Orlando Disability Lawyer

What Can an Social Security Disability Lawyer Do For You?

A request for reconsideration is a re-submission of your facts with any new evidence or argument that you may have at your disposal with an entirely new SSA reviewer. This new reviewer may or may not find in your favor. Either way, it a request for reconsideration will very likely be unsuccessful if not managed by an experienced Disability Lawyer. If it is unsuccessful, requesting a hearing is the next step in the appeals process

You need a pro at your side to successfully docket and argue your case at a disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The hearing must be requested within 65 days, so it is imperative that you retain an Orlando Social Security Disability Lawyer promptly upon receipt of your initial claim denial. The hearing will require you to answer questions regarding your condition and your work history, under oath. If you have a lawyer working for you, your lawyer will be able to make legal arguments on your behalf. Without an experienced disability lawyer, the utility of the appeals hearing is greatly reduced.

The SSA includes an “Appeals Council” in Falls Church,  VA, tasked with hearing appeals from claimants who were unsuccessful in the first claim rejection appeal hearing. Requesting this further appeal is certainly a matter best left to an experienced Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney. Given that the actual appeal hearing may not be scheduled for a year or more, it is highly useful to have an experienced Disability Attorney on hand to advise as to the permissibility of working during this time period and other such issues. If you need to take your case beyond the Appeals Council to Federal Court, you simply need an experienced attorney to assist you to guarantee any chance of success whatsoever. Federal Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeal are essentially in the business of summarily dismissing pro se cases in which the plaintiff is unrepresented by council.


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