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How can working with a Social Security disability lawyer in Orlando, Florida help you? When you are facing the possibility of long-term or permanent disability, you want to make sure your disability claim is handled quickly and correctly. The importance of hiring a Social Security disability lawyer cannot be overstated. The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies a vast majority of initial claims; over 60% of applicants will be denied benefits following their first request.

If you are planning on filing for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits, you will want the guidance and expertise of a qualified lawyer. A disability attorney will understand the specifics of your case and how they relate to the requirements set forth by the SSA. You may face many hurdles as you work toward establishing a new normal in your life and you don’t need the added pressure of maneuvering around the obstacles involved in SSD applications.

The complexities and nuances of the SSA’s regulations make it incredibly difficult to successfully fulfill the necessary requirements. After receiving a notification of denial, some applicants choose not to pursue disability benefits further. The process of filing an initial claim puts significant stress on people who are already struggling physically, emotionally, and financially.

Orlando Disability Lawyer

If your original claim was denied, do not get discouraged. It’s not too late to speak with a Social Security disability lawyer in Orlando, Florida about your options. You can secure legal counsel and have the luxury of knowing that all future action needed for your case will be taken care of by an expert.

In addition, a caring and compassionate lawyer will recognize the importance of removing many time-consuming and stressful tasks from your agenda to allow you to focus on your health and wellbeing. You and your family will benefit from this assistance in many ways, and your disability attorney should understand how necessary this respite can be both short-term and in the long run.

Did you know that SSA approval can take months or even years? That is a long time to wait for any decision, but if you have a disability and are unable to work, that time period can seem impossible to endure. Working with a lawyer who is well-versed in the nuances of Social Security law and disability claims can prevent delays caused by incorrect information or missed deadlines.

You deserve a Social Security disability lawyer you can trust to handle your claim with consideration and efficiency. There’s no need to go into it alone when you can have qualified legal counsel at your side. If you are still unsure about how to proceed, consider the following statistic from the U.S. Government Accountability Office – claimants with a representative, such as an attorney, are three times more likely to be given benefits than those who represent themselves.

A Social Security disability lawyer can:

Consulting with an attorney will often make you realize how vast their expertise is and how much of it will be helpful to your disability application. There is a lot to know and very little time for you to learn it after you are in need of SSD benefits. Do your work history and medical conditions meet SSA requirements? Do you have the necessary documentation included in your application? What is the deadline for appealing a denial? These common questions represent only a small portion of the potential uncertainties you could face as you attempt to secure your disability benefits.

Even the lucky few who secure approval after their first attempt are often left with unanswered questions about their benefits. If you have been approved but are confused about any aspect of your case, you can consult with a disability lawyer for clarification. For example, your attorney can help you determine:
·         How much money you will receive monthly and why
·         Whether your spouse or family members are eligible for benefits
·         If you receive other government benefits that affect your SSD amount
·         If you can work while receiving benefits

You have so much to gain from retaining the services of a qualified disability attorney in Orlando, Florida. Why risk losing valuable time and expending scarce resources when you could have a lawyer working on your team to secure the benefits you are entitled to?

Social Security Disability Lawyer Orlando FL

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Social Security disability lawyer that will advocate for you during this difficult time.


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