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Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney Free Consultation

Your journey to a successful Social Security Disability claim begins here. Leading Orlando Florida Disability Attorney is eager to assist you with your Social Security or Long-Term Disability claim. Submit your information to receive invaluable advice to help you move forward toward your benefits award.

Why an Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney?

A Florida Disability Attorney will maximize your odds of a successful Social Security Disability application or appeal. Without legal assistance, your disability claim is likely to fall into the 63% of initial Social Security Disability claims that are denied

Above all else, a good Florida Disability Attorney will act as your guide through the lengthy benefits application process. Without legal assistance, you journey alone, without a compass.

A Social Security Disability Lawyer will:

  • Help you to understand what conditions qualify for SSD benefits;
  • Assist you in obtaining the right medical opinions and diagnoses from your physician;
  • Properly calculate your pre-disability income;
  • Assess your ability to work from a legal standpoint;
  • Educate you as to the SSD application process, risks, and likely outcomes;
  • Obtain and organize your medical and surgical records and other required documentation;
  • Prepare your application submission to the Social Security Administration;
  • Prepare you for any in-person hearing that you may need to attend;
  • Keep you updated as to your ongoing process every step of the way.

What Is A Disability?

For purposes of a Social Security Disability benefits claim, a “disability” is a medical condition that prevents you from working or which has severely and permanently affected your earning capacity. Further, the condition must be permanent or, at the very least, is expected to last at least a year—or to eventually result in death. While this definition seems plain on its face, there are multiple legal issues packed into it. Are you really prevented from working? Can you prove it? Does your doctor agree? Is it a permanent or treatable condition? What treatment have you attempted? Did you do what your doctors told you to do during that treatment? The list goes on. To truly determine whether you are “disabled” in the eyes of the Social Security Administration, you will need the advice of an experienced Orlando, Florida Disability Lawyer.

What Services Does an Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney Provide?

An experienced Orlando Social Security Lawyer will provide a full range of the services you will need to move forward with obtaining the benefits to which you are entitled.

  • Social Security Disability Applications
  • SSD Benefits Claim Denial Representation
  • Long-Term Disability Benefits Application


Reasons Why Your Disability Application May Be Denied

One of those most basic reasons that an SSD claim fails is that the applicant fails to compile the proper medical and work history documentation. This is an easy reason to fail—but it is also an easy thing to fix. A Florida Disability Attorney will bring not only legal expertise to the table but also experience. That is, the experience of knowing what needs to be done and how. Avoiding “simple” mistakes is the first thing that an experienced Florida Disability Attorney will help you with.

Your first response to an SSD denial should not be to file a second benefits application. Instead, contact a Disability Attorney to discuss the proper next step.

To obtain Social Security Disability benefits, it is not sufficient that you simply have suffered a medical impairment. The severity of the impairment must be such that you are unable to earn a baseline income. If you earn too much income, this is evidence that you are not severely impaired enough to be eligible for benefits.

A disability claimant must comply with the medical treatment recommended by his or her physician, as it is recommended. A failure to do so, or to do so within timeframes or deadlines established by your physician, is frequently a cause of SSD claims denial.

A failure to reply to requests for information or documentation, or to appear for your hearing, is a common reason for claims denial. A Social Security Disability benefits application, when filed, initiates a legal process that must be diligently pursued every step of the way.

What Will Your Florida Disability Attorney Discuss With You?

You can expect the Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney to discuss all of this, as well as your specific circumstances when we meet for an initial consultation discussion. We will discuss with you in even greater detail the SSD application process, the basic requirements for approval, the pros and the cons of submitting a claim, and the timeframe involved. In particular, additionally, we will discuss your medical condition. What happened? Where were you before? How are you doing now? You can expect us to engage in a friendly conversation about how your impairment has affected your life and, specifically, your ability to work and earn. We will be able to frame your experience within the context of the legal requirements for SSD claims approval and to explain all of this to you in terms that you can understand. We will never speak over you. We will speak with you.

Why Hire Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney?

Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney brings to your application the experience, expertise, and compassion that you need in a Disability Lawyer. We are not a Florida law firm that over-specializes in myriad practice areas with the hope that we will be able to serve every client in every variety of legal matters. That sort of “master of none” tactic is not one that we believe serves our clients well. Instead, we prefer to specialize and provide expert advice to clients with disability claims. When you retain us to assist you with your SSD application or appeal, you can depend upon us to know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

What Is the Next Step After You Complete Our Free Consultation Form?

Once you submit your information to us through our Contact Form, you will receive an immediate opportunity to discuss your disability claim with us in a free, initial consultation with our Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney. During that discussion, we will chart a continued path forward for you and provide you with all of the initial guidance you need to make the right decision for yourself and for your claim. Armed with the free information we will provide you, you will be fully informed and able to determine what the best course of action for your disability claim will be.

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