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Top Social Security Disability Lawyer in Orlando, FL

Best Social Security Disability Attorney Orlando, FL

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four adults in the United States is
living with a disability that affects their daily lives. If you are one of these approximately 61 million people living with mobility or cognitive disability, you may be wondering about your eligibility and looking for the best social security disability attorney in Orlando FL.
While the SSA provides many types of services to eligible Americans, people with disabilities are
sometimes qualified to receive monetary benefits through a program called Social Security disability, or
SSD. How is eligibility determined? This is a simple question with a not-so-simple answer.
Through a system of sequential evaluations, the SSA will review your medical condition, work history,
age, and a variety of other factors to determine your employment potential and your ability to perform
a gainful activity. In short, they look at the information you provide to them in your application and attempt
to decide if you can continue to work despite your disability. There are stringent requirements, and the
process can be complex for someone who is not familiar with it.
If you are currently in the process of requesting SSD benefits or are planning on filing a claim soon, you
will want Orlando’s best Social Security disability lawyer advocating for you. With her extensive experience
in disability law, Shea Fugate is the best qualified to help you determine if you are eligible for benefits. She will speak with you about your unique circumstances and, if necessary, file a claim on your behalf.
What happens if you have already filed your initial claim for benefits and were denied? You do have the
option to appeal this determination if you act quickly, as the deadline for requesting reconsideration is 60 days. The SSA denies nearly two-thirds of initial SSD applications due to a variety of reasons, most of
which can be prevented by consulting with a knowledgeable attorney. Retaining Shea Fugate as your
Social Security disability lawyer will ensure no future errors are made and the facts of your case are
presented fully and accurately. She can identify the probable reasons for the denial and address each issue
prior to requesting reconsideration.
A good Social Security disability lawyer knows how to successfully navigate the complicated world of
disability claims, appeals, and hearings. That is because, for many applicants, the reconsideration stage is
not the end of their battle for benefit approval. A hearing before an administrative law judge can be requested as a next step. While it is promising that another option exists if a second denial is handed
down, it can also be daunting. If it becomes necessary to present your case to a judge, Shea Fugate is a
Social Security disability lawyer with both administrative and court experience who can confidently represent you.
Shea’s qualifications make her a powerful ally to have in your fight for disability benefits. Since 1989 she
has worked in Social Security disability by managing cases, writing appeals, and fighting denials in court.
Her compassion, knowledge, and experience are valuable resources for anyone at any stage of the filing
process. She is a trusted expert and sought-after speaker on disability topics, as well as an active member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives.
For SSD claimants, Shea Fugate’s Social Security disability law firm offers a full range of services, from
original claim assistance to court hearing representation. Her advice and legal counsel have helped
thousands of people successfully receive the benefits they were entitled to. Working with her firm allows
you to hand over the stressful and time-consuming tasks associated with disability claims and focus on
other important aspects of your life. You can trust her to adeptly handle the details and understand the big picture of how the outcome affects you and your family.
Shea is familiar with the SSA’s strict medical eligibility rules, as well as their requirements surrounding
work history. Many people do not realize that there are multiple aspects of eligibility that are considered
in disability claims, which is why it is beneficial to work with an experienced Social Security disability
lawyer like Shea Fugate.
Getting a claim pushed through the approval process can take months or even years. This is a heavy burden on mental and physical health, but the financial difficulties from this type of extended timeframe
can often be too difficult to overcome. You can avoid potentially time-consuming denials and appeals by
working with Shea Fugate Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney to ensure your disability application is submitted correctly.

Top Social Security Disability Lawyer in Orlando, FL
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